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Eve F.W. Linn‘s first full-length collection, Album of Not, will be published by Nixes Mates Press in Spring, 2024.

Julia Alter‘s collection, Some Dark Familiar, was selected by Matthew Olzmann as the winner of the 2023 Sundog Poetry Book Award, and will be published in April by Green Writers Press. Julia attended the online conference in August, 2022.

“I’m so grateful for the feedback and support I got from the conference, as well as your workshops, that guided this manuscript on its journey to becoming a book!”

Jenny Grassl‘s debut collection, Magicholia, will be published by 3: A Taos Press in Spring/Summer, 2024. Jenny attended multiple Colrains with the manuscript in various stages.

Joni Wallace‘s newest book, Landscape with Missing River, is now available from Barrow Street Press. Joni attended Colrain with the manuscript in June, 2022.

Tim Hunt‘s newest collection, Western Where, will be published by Broadstone Press, March 15, 2024.

Norbert Hirschhorn‘s collection, Over the Edge, was published by Holland Park Press in June, 2023.

Nina Bannett‘s collection, Persephone’s Alibi, is forthcoming in November, 2024 from David Robert Books.

“I participated in Colrain in August 2019 in Greenfield. I workshopped my manuscript then called  A Member of Her Family about a friendship between two women that falls apart.  It’s now entitled Persephone’s Alibi and it’s a leaner collectionand much stronger thanks to your feedback and Colrain.”

Mary Dean Lee‘s debut collection Tidal has been accepted for publication with Pine Row Press and will be out in early 2024.

“I attended the October Classic Colrain Manuscript Conference in New Mexico in 2019 and worked with Ellen Dore Watson and Peter Covino, and I had a great experience. My full-length manuscript at that time was called Thunderstorm Country but is now titled Tidal. I have been working on it a lot since, with many changes, additions and subtractions. But I’m happy to announce that after several Finalist and Semi-Finalist designations in the past year from different contests, Tidal has now been accepted for publication. Colrain made such a difference in my development as a poet, having been an academic for 35 years at McGill University in psychology and kind of starting from scratch as a poet in 2017-18 after I retired. Thank you again!”

Susan Hankla’s second collection, I’m Not Evelyn, is available from Groundhog Poetry Press. Susan attended multiple Colrains over the years with both her first book and second book manuscripts. “I’m so happy about this, and you really helped me edit those poems. I really really really thank you.”

Deborah Leipziger’s collection, Story & Bone, was published in January 2023 by Lily Poetry Books.  “I am so grateful for the Colrain staff and all of the wonderful poets I met at Colrain in the fall of 2018 who helped me create this book.”

Janlori Goldman’s‘s collection, Bread from a Stranger’s Oven, winner of the White Pine Press Poetry Prize judged by Laure-Anne Bosellar, is available from White Pine Press.  My Anatarctica was published in 2022 by Finishing Line Press.

Kyle Potvin’s‘s collection, Loosen, was published by Hobblebush Books in January, 2021. Kyle attended the Colrain Classic in 2017 and the Intensive in 2019.

Maxima Kahn’s debut full-length collection of poems, Fierce Aria, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2020. “I attended Colrain in Truchas in 2017. I’m particularly grateful for Rusty Morrison’s unbelievably insightful reading of all the manuscripts in my group, which taught me so much.”

Charity Everitt’s chapbook, Translation from the Ordinary has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press.
“I still have such great memories of the 2019 conference in Taos when it snowed! My chapbook that I brought to that conference is coming out at the end of November.  I intend to acknowledge the Colrain Conference, and I would also like to acknowledge the two editors who were so helpful, Peter Covino and Ellen Dore Watson.”

Sara Epstein’s collection, Bar of Rest, is available from Kelsay Books. “I am thinking of you today and the Colrain Conferences (2) I attended when beginning this journey to publishing my first book of poems, “Bar of Rest,”  due out this month from Kelsay Books.  I am so grateful to you, Fred Marchant, Jeffrey Shotts, and all the Colrain poets and staff.  Colrain gave me the confidence and focus to keep working on the manuscript all these years.”

Syrian-American poet Seif-Eldeines collection, Voices from a Forgotten Letter: Poems on the Syrian Civil War, is available from Chestnut Review Chapbooks. Seif-Eldeine attended Colrain in 2017.
“I learned so much from Fred Merchant and Martha Rhodes, as well as my fellow workshop participants. Many of the other participants I got to know now have books out of their own. I also met Ellen Dore Watson there and she was the first editor to pay me for a publication. The whole conference is run by Joan Houlihan, who I followed to Lesley University, where I learned so much more from her. This is a really outstanding group of people and a one of a kind program. Can’t go wrong here.”

Monique-Adelle Callahan’s collection, Rupture, will be published by Codhill Press. Monique attended Colrain with the manuscript in 2018.

Dianne Silvestri’s collection, But I Still Have My Fingerprints, is available from CavanKerry Press. Dianne attended Colrain in 2016.  “Working with you, Ellen, and the other attendees at the April, 2016, Colrain Manuscript Conference in Naples, Maine, was very helpful to the development of my manuscript draft, then entitled Transplant.”

Deborah Schwartz‘ collection, Wind of the House, Voice of the Stream, of the Dream That You Dream, While We Turn You Around: poetry in chorus and four voices is available from Kattywompus Press in September, 2022. She attended the 2019 Colrain Conference with this manuscript.

Tim Hunt‘s collection Voice to Voice in the Dark is now available from Broadstone Books.

Clif Mason‘s collection, Knocking the Stars Senseless, has been published by Stephen F. Austin State University Press. “The conferences were invaluable in sharpening my awareness, both of what a manuscript could be and of what it needed to be in order to find an appreciative audience.”

Jeffrey Kinkgman’s collection, Beyond That Hill I Gather, is available from Finishing Line Press.

“I was at Colrain back in 2016 and had my manuscript looked at by Rusty Morrison. You may put me in your list of “Participant News & Awards.” The manuscript, BEYOND THAT HILL I GATHER, wound up winning an award and getting published. The award was the 2018 Eyelands Book Award (Greece) for an unpublished poetry book. And Finishing Line Press just published the book this month. Thanks so much for providing a place for me to push forward with my manuscript!”

Ilene Rudman’s‘s collection, Staying the Night, will be published by Finishing Line Press in 2021. Ilene attended the conference in November, 2016.

Kaja Week’s chapbook, Mouth Quill: Poems with Ancestral Roots is forthcoming from The Poetry Box (September 2020).

“I attended the Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference Spring 2017 in Manchester, VT, at which I received superb insights from Joan Houlihan and from Martha Rhodes, whose declaration that I had the “bones of a fine book” propelled me forward with enthusiasm and perseverance!”

Moira Linehan’s ‘s collection, TOWARD, has been published by Slant Press. Moira attended the Intensive in the summer of 2016.

Arne Weingart’s collection, Unpractical Thinking, is winner of the Red Mountain Press Poetry Prize and will be out in late February. Arne attended the April, 2019 Classic in Arlington, Vt. “There are reasons for wanting really, really smart people to read your manuscript, people who have backlogged decades of experience as editors, teachers and poets, and who have the means to tell you frankly, concisely, and imaginatively how to improve your manuscript, how to move it along the road toward publication. My own reasons are those, plus two others: I’ve been to Colrain twice and both times, within six months of attendance, I’ve had a manuscript win a book prize. Correlation may not be causation. But…”

Ruth Dickey’s collection, Mud Blooms, was selected for the MURA Award from Harbor Mountain Press and published in November, 2019. Ruth attended the January, 2018 Intensive in Greenfield, MA.

Mary Lou Buschi’s collection, Paddock, will be published by Lily Poetry in February/March 2021. Mary Lou attended the October, 2018 Classic Colrain.

Kathleen Lynch’s collection, Lucky Witness, is now available from Blue Light Press.

Rose Auslander‘s collection, Wild Water Child, which won the 2016 Bass River Press Poetry Contest judged by Elizabeth Bradfield and has been published by that press.  Rose attended the August, 2016 Intensive in Greenfield, MA.

Jami Macarty’s‘ collection, The Minuses, will be published on February 14, 2020 in the Mountain West Poetry Series by The Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University.

Laurin Macios‘ collection, Somewhere to Go, has been chosen by Liz Robbins as winner of the Elixir Press 19th Annual Poetry Award to be published by Elixir Press in 2019. Laurin attended Colrain in November, 2016. “Colrain was a turning point for my manuscript and I am so grateful!”

Daniel Becker‘s collection, 2nd Chance, has been chosen by Jericho Brown as the winner of the New Issues First Book Prize and will be published in October, 2020. Daniel attended Colrain in November, 2018. “I arrived with 60 pages of poems and an inferiority complex. I left with a clearer sense of how to arrange the poems and where the poems would get a fair and thorough read.”

Jessica Reed‘s chapbook, World, Composed, was published in 2018 by Finishing Line Press. Jessica worked on this manuscript at the Truchas, New Mexico Colrain in September, 2014.

V. Joshua Adams‘ chapbook, Cold Affections, was published by Plan B Press. He attended the Colrain Intensive in Greenfield in November, 2015.

Susan Kay Anderson’s new book of poems, Mezzanine, is now available from Finishing Line Press.  Susan attended Colrain in Greenfield, MA in 2017 and in Truchas,  June, 2018.

Kelly Fordon‘s full-length collection, Goodbye Toothless House, was published by Kattywompus Press in March, 2019. Kelly attended Colrain in 2014.

Deborah Schwartz‘ collection, A Girl Could Disappear Like This will be published by Kattywompus Press in March 2019. She attended the 2015 Fall Colrain Conference with this manuscript.

Charlie Clark’s collection, The Newest Employee of the Museum of Ruin, has been accepted for publication by Four Way Books and will be published in 2020. Charlie attended the Colrain Intensive in March, 2017. “I can’t overstate how valuable my time at Colrain was for this manuscript.”

Willa Carroll’s collection, Nerve Chorus, is now available from The Word Works.  Willa attended Colrain in Vermont, in the spring of 2016.

Harold Bauld’s collection, The Uncorrected Eye, is now available from Passager Press. Harold participated in an Intensive in Massachusetts in 2010.

Elizabeth Jackson’s chapbook, River of Monuments, is now available from Plan B Press. Elizabeth participated in an Intensive in Massachusetts in 2015.

Cynthia Knorr’s chapbook, A Vessel of Furious Resolve, will be published by Finishing Line Press in 2019. “I attended your one-day conference in Leicester, sent out a revised chapbook manuscript shortly after, and have just received word that A Vessel of Furious Resolve will be published by Finishing Line Press. Needless to say, the feedback, suggestions, and general information I absorbed from you and Fred Marchant were invaluable. It’s also great to know that at 65, it’s not too late to publish your first book!”

Marc Tretin’s book, Pink Matress, is available from New York Quarterly Press. “The Colrain Manuscript Conference was immensely helpful in putting together this manuscript.” M.T.

Jenny Sadre-Orafai’s second poetry collection, Malak, will be published September 29th by UK publisher Platypus Press. Jenny attended the June, 2016 Truchas conference.

Monique-Adelle Callahan’s collection, Anonymous, has won the New Voices prize and will be published by Jacar Press in fall, 2017. Monique attended the March, 2016 Intensive.

Deirdre Callahan’s first collection, Water-Dreaming, will be published by Bass River Press in Spring, 2018. Deirdre attended three Colrain conferences, the most recent was the November, 2017 Intensive.

Susan Hankla’s collection, Clinch River, is now available from Ground Hog Poetry Press. Susan attended with the manuscript in various stages at multiple Colrain conferences, including the Brandt House Colrain Intensive.

Harriet Gleeson’s chapbook, Come Down the Stairs, is available from Finishing Line Press. Harriet attended the Truchas conference in June, 2011.

Alison Hicks Greifenstein’s second collection, You Who Took the Boat Out, will be coming out on March 21, 2017 from Unsolicited Press. “The first draft of this manuscript was critiqued at the January 2014 Intensive at the lovely Brandt House with Joan Houlihan and Martha Rhodes.”

Ann Browning Masters‘ first book, Floridanos, Menorcans, Cattle-Whip-Crackers:  Poetry of St. Augustine, has been published by the Florida Historical Society Press.  “The help for this manuscript from the (2014) Colrain Conference tightened up my poetry and was certainly an influence in the book being published.”

Lisa DeSiro’s chapbook, Grief Dreams, is now available from White Knuckle Press. These prose poems are part of a manuscript that Lisa worked on at the Brandt House Colrain Intensive.

Joanne Clarkson’s collection, The Fates, won the Bright Hill Press Annual Book award and is now available from Bright Hill Press. Joanne attended the Truchas, NM conference in June, 2015.

Deobrah Brown’s second collection, The Human Half, will be published by BOA Editions in spring of 2019. “BOA has taken the revised version of my book, The Human Half!!! So I wanted to thank you (and Martha and Peter) for the substantive help you gave me with the revisions. Another score for Colrain.”

Lynn Schmeidler’s collection, History of Gone, will be published by Veliz Books in 2018. Lynn attended Colrain with the manuscript in January, 2015.

Kathleen Tyler’s collection, Open the Window and Drown, will be published December, 2017 by Kelsay Books. “Attending your conference (summer, 2015) helped me to shape it into publishable form. I will be thrilled to return when I complete another poetry manuscript.”

Tom Hunley’s collection, Here Lies, will be published by Stephen F. Austin State University Press in 2018.  Tom attended the Colrain Intensive in Greenfield, MA January 27-30, 2017.

Mark McKain’s collection Blue Sun has been published by Aldrich Press. “I attended the June, 2011 Colrain Manuscript Conference at The Roundhouse in Colrain, MA. Most of the poems in Blue Sun were also part of the manuscript workshopped at at Colrain, and your editorial feedback was crucial in making this a successful work.”

Virginia Chase Sutton’s collection Of a Transient Nature was published this year (2016) by Knut House Press.

Catherine Morocco’s chapbook Prairie Canto has just been published by Dancing Girl Press (October, 2016). Catherine brought the manuscript to the Colrain Intensive Manuscript Conference in Greenfield Massachusetts in January, 2015.

Joanne Clarkson‘s collection, The Fates, will be published by Bright Hill Press in 2017. Joanne attended Colrain in 2015. “I am so thrilled and wanted to let you know that I was recently announced as the winner of Bright Hill Press’ annual poetry book contest for my manuscript, “The Fates.” This is the basic collection that I brought with me to Truchas, NM, in June of 2015. I am sure I would not have received this honor without participating in your conference.”

Danielle Lemmon’s collection A Singular Woman was published September, 2016 by Box Turtle Press. Danielle attended Colrain in 2014.

William Buege’s collection Stumble Into a Lighted Room was published October, 2016 by Burlesque Press. William attended Colrain in 2013.

Sarah Estes‘ collection, Field Work, was published on September 1, 2015 after winning the Cider Press Review Editor’s Prize. She attended Colrain in 2008.

Marilyn McCabe‘s second book, Glass Factory, was published by The Word Works in 2016. Marilyn attended in November, 2013.

Tom Bradley‘s book-length poem, Energeticum / Phantasticum: a Profane Epyllion in Seven Cantos, has been accepted by MadHat Press, and will be launched at AWP in D.C. February, 2017. He attended Colrain in October, 2014. Lynette Reini-Grandell‘s collection, Approaching the Gate, was published by Holy Cow Press in 2014 and won the Northeastern Minnesota Book Award for Poetry in 2015. Lynette attended Colrain in 2011.

George Singer‘s collection, Ergon, is available from Word Tech Press. He brought the manuscript to Colrain in 2010.

Nadine Sabra Meyer‘s collection, Chrysanthemum, won the 2016 Green Rose Prize and will be published with New Issues Poetry and Prose in the spring of 2017. Nadine attended the Colrain Intensive in January, 2011.

Sandra Sloss Giedeman‘s collection,  In This House,  was published in January, 2015 by Green Tara Press, Los Angeles. Sandra attended the first Truchas Peaks conference in 2009.

Kathleen McCoy‘s manuscript, Green and Burning, is currently at press with Word Tech and should be out in September. Kathleen attended Colrain in 2012. “The conference gave me the support and insights into what editors really think that I never got in an otherwise excellent graduate program. The pros and manuscript writers alike were warm, insightful, and full of great ideas and questions to ponder as we reworked and fine-tuned our manuscripts in the weeks and months following the conference.”

Ann Dernier’s collection, In the Fury is available from Grey Book Press. In the Fury was a finalist for the 2014 Robert Dana Prize at Anhinga Press and semi-finalist for the 2013 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award. Ann attended the Colrain Conference at in 2011 and the Colrain Intensive in 2013.

Natania Rosenfeld‘s book, Wild Domestic, is available from Sheep Meadow Press. She attended Colrain in 2012.

Linwood Rumney‘s collection, Abandoned Earth, has won the 17th Annual Gival Press Poetry Award and will be out in October. He attended Colrain with the manuscript in 2010.

KB Ballentine‘s  manuscript, What Comes of Waiting, won the 2013 Blue Light Press Book Award. KB attended the conference in June, 2012.

Bill Morgan‘s collection, The Art of Salvage, was published in April, 2016, by Downstate Legacies. Bill attended Colrain in November, 2013.

Brad Modlin‘s collection, Everyone at This Party Has Two Names, has won the Cowles Poetry Prize and is forthcoming October 1, 2016 from Southeast Missouri State University Press. Brad attended the Whidbey Island Colrain in September, 2015.

Jessica Cuello‘s collection, Hunt, has won the Washington Prize from The Word Works Press and will be published in 2017. Jessica brought the manuscript, title Moby Dick Poems, to Colrain in November, 2015. Desiree Alvarez‘s collection, Devil’s Paintbrush, winner of the 2015 May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize, has been published by Bauhan Publishing. She attended Colrain in 2011.

Sawnie Morris’ book, Her, Infinite, won the New Issues Press Poetry Award for 2015 and is now available. Sandra Castillo‘s collection, Eating Moors and Christians, is now available from CavanKerry Press. Sandra attended Colrain in 2013.

Rebecca Kaiser Gibson ‘s collection, OPINEL, was published by Bauhan Press in September 2015. “From my very first of several Colrain conferences I left with renewed vigor, enhanced appreciation of perceptive teachers Joan invites, and relief at the vibrant community of reader/writers. The suggestions and expectations I experienced definitely improved my work.”

Kita Shantiris Curry‘s collection, What Snakes Want, is available from Mayapple Press. “I was at the Colrain Conference at Green Gulch monastery in Marin a few years ago. ..the editors I worked with were tremendously helpful, and I left feeling exhilarated with encouragement. Also, since “What Snakes Want” was published, I’ve done readings in Eastern and Western U.S. and on Public Radio stations and blog radio. The book was short-listed for the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize and received Honorable Mention in the poetry category. Colrain was the perfect environment for me.  Writers stayed together in a big house and shared meals and evenings with the editors. It helped dissipate the anxiety and was very personal and emotional for many of us.”

Rebecca Aronson‘s collection, Ghost Child of the Atalanta Bloom, has won the Orison Poetry Award and will be published in early 2017. “I was at Colrain last June in Truchas, NM, and had a wonderful experience. I wanted to let you know that the manuscript I workshopped there has just won the Orison poetry award and will be published in early 2017. As a whole, working with Richard in particular, but everyone at the conference in general, renewed my confidence in my manuscript and gave me a better understanding of how to revise it. I am grateful for the experience.”

Leigh Ann Christain’s collection, Tall as You are Tall Between Them, has been published by C&R Press. She attended Colrain in January of 2012.

Tom Daley’s collection, House You Cannot Reach, was published by Futurecyle Press in fall of 2015.

Julie Funderburk’s collection, The Door That Always Opens, will appear in the fall of 2016 from LSU press.

Kerrin McCadden : “I’m happy to report that my book, Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes, published in 2014 with New Issues Poetry & Prose, just won the inaugural Vermont Book Award, sponsored by VCFA. I regularly recommend Colrain to friends who don’t know where to turn with their manuscripts. The intentional work you guide poets through gives us new eyes for our work. As I work on my second book, what I learned at Colrain still guides me.”

Vidhu Aggarwal’s debut book The Trouble with Humpadori (which she brought to Colrain a few years back) will be coming out January 2016 after receiving the Editor’s Choice Prize with The Indian Poetry Collective.

Kim Garcia’s chapbook, Tales of the Sisters, will be published in June, 2016. Her full-length collection, which contains the chapbook, is titled The Brighter House and will be published in October, 2016 ny White Pine Press. She attended Colrain in January, 2013 and January, 2015.

Robert Fanning’s collection, Our Sudden Museum, will be published by Salmon Poetry, and launching at AWP on February 28, 2017. Robert attended Colrain in June, 2014.

Michelle Matthee’s collection, Flucht, will be published in the fall of 2016. She attended Colrain in March, 2015. “Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that my manuscript “Flucht” was picked up by New Rivers Press. I wanted to thank you for all your help and for the Colrain Conference I attended. I know it made a difference.”

Sarah Estes Graham’s collection, Field Work, has won the Cider Press Review Editors’ Prize and will be published August, 2015. Sarah attended Colrain in 2009.

Deborah Schwartz’s chapbook, A Girl Could Disappear Like This, will be published by Kattywompus Press September, 2015. Deborah attended Colrain in November, 2014.

J.K. (Jen) Daniels’ manuscript, Wedding Pulls, will be published by Hub City Press in summer, 2016. She writes: “At the Colrain Intensive conference back in January (2015), you and Martha Rhodes gave me valuable feedback on my manuscript. I applied much of what I learned from you that weekend, and it worked: C.D. Wright selected my manuscript, now called Wedding Pulls, for Hub City Press’s New Southern Voices contest. It will come out next summer. Thank you for your direct and honest assessment and for the encouragement.”

Joni Wallace’s manuscript, Kingdom Come Radio Show, will be published by Barrow Street Press in Fall, 2016.

Kyle Laws’ manuscript, So Bright to Blind, is now available from Five Oaks Press. She writes: “The book that I workshopped last September [at the Colrain Conference] in Truchas and [the Intensive] in November at Brandt House is out from a great new publisher, Five Oaks Press. In gratitude for your part in making this happen.”

Jenifer Browne Lawrence‘s second collection, Grayling, has won the Perugia Press Prize.  She writes: “Thank you for the manuscript advice– it worked! I brought this manuscript to Colrain in September of 2012, in Truchas, NM, and received an abundance of generous, thoughtful, and useful advice. Thank you so much for all you do for the poetry world, and for helping me shape this manuscript into a book.”

Brian Komei Dempster’s manuscript, Topaz, was published by Four Way Books in 2013 and received the 15 Bytes 2014 Book Award in Poetry. Brian attended two Colrain conferences in 2010. Brian writes: “I owe a huge debt of gratitude to you and Colrain; I know that my participation in both the June and November sessions was instrumental to getting the manuscript to that next level, and your insights, guidance, and generosity played a large part in that final transformation of Topaz.”

David DiSarro’s chapbook, I Used To Play in Bands, is slated for publication by Finishing Line Press on August 14, 2015. Ivan Young’s book, Smell of Salt, Ghost of Rain, is now available through Brick House Books. Ivan attended Colrain in October, 2011.

Carla Drysdale’s chapbook, Inheritance, composed of 26 pages taken from the manuscript she brought to Colrain, will be published by Finishing Line Press in July, 2015. Carla attended Colrain in July, 2013.

Julie Babcock writes: “I attended a Colrain manuscript conference four years ago, and found it to be a really positive and enriching experience. I wanted to write and let you know that my book, Autoplay, which I workshopped at Colrain in a pretty different form as Astronaut Ohio, was just published in Nov. ’14 by MG Press. I’ve also written a new poetry manuscript that has been a finalist for several book competitions this past year. Thanks again for you support and for the Colrain Manuscript conferences!”

Jynne Dilling Martin’s manuscript, We Mammals in Hospitable Times, has been published by Carnegie Mellon Press Poetry Series. Jynne attended Colrain in August, 2008. “…the conference was fantastic and so instructive and affirming above all, in a way that I really needed.”

Jennifer Whitaker’s manuscript, The Blue Hour, has won the Brittingham prize and will be published by the University of Wisconsin Press in early 2016.  Jennifer attended the August, 2013 Intensive. “Yes, this indeed is the manuscript that I brought to Colrain–the manuscript that benefited so much from your and Martha’s and the other workshop poets’ feedback! I was thankful before this for all of the wonderful energy and time and careful attention to my work, and now I’m left doubly thankful!”

Sarah Freligh‘s manuscript Sad Math will be published by Moon City Press, November 2015. “I brought the manuscript to the Colrain Intensive at Brandt House in November 2013, where it got its title Sad Math. It was named the winner of the Moon City Poetry Award for 2014 and will be published by Moon City Press in November 2015.”

Margot Douaihy‘s collection Girls Like You will be published by Clemson University Press in January 2015. “This is the manuscript I brought to the Colrain Conference in May (2014). Gabriel Fried, Fred Marchant, Jeff Shotts, and you (Joan Houlihan) were so insightful. I left the conference with tremendous clarity about my project. Thanks again for inviting me into the Colrain community! I will certainly return when my next manuscript is ready.”

Sarah Giragosian‘s book, Queer Fish, has won the American Poetry Journal Book Prize and will be published in the summer of 2015. “I participated in the Colrain conference in Greenfield not this past summer, before the summer before (in August, I believe).  I just want to thank you again; the suggestions that you and Martha Rhodes offered were quite useful and both of you gave me the confidence to submit the manuscript out to a handful of presses.  I’m happy to report that my manuscript “Queer Fish” has won the American Poetry Journal Book Prize and will be published in the summer of 2015.  Thank you for your help in making this possible.”

Julia Lisella‘s book, Always, is being published by Word Tech Press. “I just wanted to share some good colrain news. The manuscript I was working on with you and Ellen Dore Watson at the Colrain I attended about a year and a half ago, maybe two? has gone to press! It is coming out with WordTech Editions in about 5 or 6 weeks.”

Therese Halscheid’s fifth poetry collection Frozen Latitudes is forthcoming November 2014, by Press 53. Her poetry manuscript was originally titled Last Movements when it was critiqued at the 2009 Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference.

Elijah Burrell‘s book, The Skin of the River, is now available from Aldrich Press. Elijah attended the conference with the manuscript in March, 2014. Patricia Davis’ chapbook, The Water that Broke You, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2014.

Megan Merchant’s book, Gravel Ghosts, has been published by Glass Lyre Press. Megan attended Colrain with the manuscript in June, 2007.

Elizabeth Schultz‘s book, Mrs Noah Takes the Helm, is now available from Word Tech Press. Elizabeth attended the Truchas, NM conference in September, 2012.

Leah Nielsen‘s chapbook, Side Effects May Include, was published in February, 2014 by The Chapbook Journal. Leah attended the conference in August 2008.

Susan Sonde‘s chapbook collection, Drumming On Water, is due out from Finishing Line Press August 30, 2014.

Bruce Willard‘s Holding Ground is available from Four Way Books. Bruce attended the conference in October, 2010.

Kerrin McCadden ‘s poetry collection Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes was chosen by David St John for the New Issues Poetry Prize and is available from New Issues Press. Kerrin attended Colrain in April, 2011.

Willa Schneberg ‘s fifth poetry collection Rending the Garment is forthcoming May, 2014 from Mudfish/Box Turtle Press. It is #8 in their Individual Poet Series. Willa attended Colrain with the manuscript in 2013 at Green Gulch in California.

Yahya Frederickson‘s full-length manuscript, The Gold Shop of Ba-‘Ali, is being published by Lost Horse Press in Spring, 2014, and his chapbook, The Birds of Al-Merjeh Square: Poems from Syria, will be published by Finishing Line Press.

Lauren K. Alleyne‘s debut collection, Difficult Fruit, is forthcoming from Peepal Tree Press, February, 2014. “I’m grateful to the Colrain workshops, and have thanked you in my acknowledgments, for your part in nurturing me as a poet, as well as this manuscript, or should I say, book!”

Joel F. Johnson‘s book Where Inches Seem Miles was published in October, 2013 by Antrim House. Joel attended Colrain in June, 2010.

Francesca Abbate‘s collection Troy, Unincorporated was published in 2012 by The University of Chicago in its Phoenix Poets Series. Francesca attended with the manuscript in 2010. “Thanks so much for all you do. I had a wonderful, productive time and hope to attend again.”

MB McLatchey‘s manuscript, The Lame God, won the May Swenson Poetry Award and was released December, 2013 by Utah State University Press.

James Wells‘s book Bicycle was published in November, 2013 by Sheep Meadow Press. James attended Colrain in January, 2011.

Laura Davies Foley‘s book The Glass Tree came out in July, 2012 from Harbor Mountain Press. It has won the Silver Foreword Book of the Year Award, received Honorable Mention in the Sheila Motton Poetry Book Award, New England Poetry Club and is one of three Finalists for the New Hampshire Writer’s Project, Outstanding Book of Poetry. Laura brought the manuscript in an early form to Colrain in the fall of 2007.

Cecele Kraus‘s chapbook, Harmonica, will be released by Liquid Light Press in 2014. Cecele attended Colrain in the fall of 2008.

Mary Ann Mayer‘s chapbook Salt & Altitudes is slated for publication in May 2014 by Finishing Line Press. Also, Mary Ann’s full- length collection Set The Dogs On Beauty received honorable mention in the May Sarton 2012 Book Contest (Bauhann Publishing). She attended Colrain in June 2011.

Kyle Laws‘s Going into Exile was published by Abbey Chapbooks in 2012. George Sand’s Haiti was published by Poetry West in 2013, a co-winner of their 2013 award. My Visions Are As Real As Your Movies, Joan of Arc Says to Rudolph Valentino was published by dancing girl press in 2013. Kyle writes: “All were sections and excerpts from the manuscript I brought to Colrain in 2010. I took the feedback and ran with it. The other impression that I came away with was: There are not enough publishers. Everyone wants to be published, but no one wants to publish. So, I started a press with an emphasis on the shorter book. Most of the chapbooks I publish are 20 pages–20 dynamite pages of poems. To date, I’ve published seven books through Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press. And I’ve been approached to possibly partner with a Colorado university to publish some of their faculty’s writings. This may not have been what was intended by the conference, but you can hardly argue that it didn’t have an influence. You can follow the publications of the press via”

KB Ballentine‘s book What Comes of Waiting won the 2013 Blue Light Press Book Award and was published in 2013.

Janlori Goldman‘s chapbook, Akhmatova’s Egg, was published in fall, 2013 by Toadlily Press as part of its Quartet Series. Janlori attended Colrain in 2012.

Barbara McGrath‘s first full-length volume of poetry, Heart Lineage, was published by San Francisco Bay Press in 2009. Barbara attended Colrain in 2006.

Carol A. Gilbertson‘s chapbook, From a Distance, Dancing was published by Finishing Line Press in 2011. Carol attended Colrain in 2007.

Paula Newcomer‘s book, Tossing off the Gloves, was published by Farfallina Press, MGL & Associates, Princeton in 2013. Paula attended Colrain in 2009.

David McCann‘s chapbook, Slipping Away, is slated for publication by Finishing Line Press in January, 2014.

Risa Denenberg has two chapbooks, what we owe each other (The Lives You Touch Publications, 2013) and blinded by clouds (forthcoming Hyacinth Girls Press, 2014) as well as a full-length book, Mean Distance from the Sun (Aldrich Press, 2013). Risa attended Colrain in 2006 and in 2012.

James Pollock‘s book Sailing to Babylon (Able Muse Press, 2012) was shortlisted for Canada’s two major poetry book prizes, the Griffin Poetry Prize and the Governor General’s Literary Award in Poetry. It was also a runner-up in the U.S. for the Posner Poetry Book Award, and winner of an Outstanding Achievement Award in Poetry from the Wisconsin Library Association. James attended Colrain in 2012.

Marc Frazier‘s manuscript, The Way Here, was published by Aldrich Press in 2012. Marc attended Colrain in May, 2008.

Chuck Tripi‘s collection, Carlo and Sophia was published by Cyberwit Press in January, 2013. Chuck attended Colrain in 2007. “The contemporary aesthetic was a bit of a shock to me, but the experience was enlightening and exciting, and I’ve since been published widely. It was about more than the manuscript for me–it was a crash-course in the current aesthetics and tastes, a sort of total immersion in a new language, taught by grown-ups.”

Nola Garrett‘s manuscript, The Pastor’s Wife Considers Pinball, was published by Mayapple Press, March 2013.

M.E. Silverman‘s collection, The Breath Before Birds Fly, was published by ELJ Press in 2013. M.E. attended Colrain in May, 2012.

Jamie Stern‘s manuscript, Chasing Steam, was published in January 2013 by the Virtual Artists Collective in Chicago. “I attended a Colrain workshop in March, 2010 and it was wonderful for my manuscript and for me.”

After attending the conference three times,Paul Brooke has had his third book accepted for publication: Sirens and Seriemas: Photographs and Poems of the Amazon and Pantanal by Brambleby Books Ltd. of the U.K. He credits the conference with giving him an editor’s eye and allowing him to take a step away from his own work. “To have three different books is amazing, considering I had nothing when I attended my first conference. I was frustrated and embarrassed that my manuscripts were never quite good enough. I was almost ready to give up. Many thanks to all the editors (and Joan) and other writers who have inspired me in the revision and reorganization process at Colrain.”

Charlie Bondhus‘s manuscript, All the Heat We Could Carry, won Main Street Rag’s 2013 Poetry Book Award and is now available at

Alison Hicks‘s book, Kiss, was published by PS Books in 2011. Alison attended Colrain in October, 2008. “The conference was instrumental in guiding my revising of the original manuscript for publication.”

Anne Caston‘s third collection, Prodigal, has been accepted for publication by Aldrich Books, available by 1 March 2014. “Though this isn’t the same manuscript I workshopped at the Colrain Conference several years ago, this one came about because of comments and suggestions (and encouragements) offered in the manuscript workshops which Peter Covino and Fred Marchant facilitated, so I am grateful.”

Catherine Prescott‘s chapbook, The Living Ruin, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2012.

Jacqueline Malone‘s chapbook, All Waters Run to Lethe, was published by Finishing Line Press.  Jacqueline attended the conference is 2007.

D.M. Gordon‘s first full length collection, Nightly, at the Institute of the Possible, was published by Hedgerow Books.  It was a 2012 Must Read selection for the Massachusetts Book Award, as well as a finalist for The International Book Award.

Ethel Rackin‘s first collection, The Forever Notes, was published by Parlor Press in 2012.

Renny Golden‘s Blood Desert: Witnesses 1820-1880, University of New Mexico Press won the WILLA Literary Award, was named a Southwest Notable Book of the Year and was nominated for the New Mexico/Arizona Book Award.

Karen Silk‘s Somewhere A Bird was published by Antrim House December, 2013.

Tricia Knoll‘s chapbook Urban Wild will be published by Finishing Line Press in 2014.

Anna Ross has won the 2012 Robert Dana-Anhinga Press Poetry Prize and her manuscript, If a Storm, chosen by Julianna Baggott, is forthcoming from Anhinga Press in Oct. 2013. Anna attended Colrain in January, 2011. “…my book, retitled If a Storm, after my Colrain stint (and on your advice) was chosen by Julianna Baggott for the 2012 Robert Dana-Anhinga Press Poetry Prize and is forthcoming from Anhinga Press in Oct. 2013. I had all but given up on the book before bringing it to Colrain in January, 2011, but in the year following, my manuscript was named a finalist by three presses and was then accepted by Anhinga. You obviously set me on the right track! I’ll be back with the next book, just as soon as I finish writing it!”

Jane Hoogestraat’s manuscript Border States has won the 2013 John Ciardi Prize (Luis J. Rodriguez judge) and will be published by BkMk Press (U Missouri Kansas City) in the fall of 2014. Jane attended Colrain in June, 2012.

Beverly Burch’s book How a Mirage Works won the Sixteen Rivers Press contest and will appear in spring of 2014.

Kerrin McCadden’s Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes has won The New Issues Poetry Prize, and will be published in March 2014.

TJ Jarrett’s book Zion is a co-winner of the Crab Orchard Open Competition 2013 and will be picked up for publication by Southern Illinois University Press in the fall of 2014. “Thanks so much to Joan Houlihan and the faculty at the Colrain conference for helping me get this manuscript together. I’m still stunned and terribly grateful.”

Elizabeth Cox’s first collection, I Have Told You and Told You, is forthcoming from Mercer University Press in Fall, 2013.

Dan Chelotti’s first collection, X, is forthcoming from McSweeney’s in April, 2013. Dan attended Colrain in June, 2011.

Reginald Flood’s first collection, Coffle, is now available from Willow Books. Reginald attended two Colrain Conferences with his manuscript, the most recent being the Colrain Intensive in February, 2009.

Paul Nemser’s first collection, Taurus, was selected for the 2011 New American Poetry Prize and will be published by New American Press in 2013. Paul attended the conference in 2009. “Many thanks to you and Fred Marchant and Jeffrey Levine for advice on the manuscript!”

Tom Lombardo’s first book, What Bends Us Blue, will be published by Word Tech Press in June, 2013. He is also the editor of the anthology After Shocks.

Michael Steffen’s third collection, Bad Behavior, will be published by Brick Road Press in November, 2012.

Owen Lewis’ book, Sometimes Full of Daylight, was published September, 2013 by Dos Madres Press. His chapbook March In San Miguel was published in 2012 by Finishing Line Press. He attended Colrain in 2010 and in 2011.

James Pollock’s book Sailing to Babylon was published by Able Muse Press in June, 2012.

Ann Taylor has won the first in the Cathlamet Poetry Prize and her manuscript, River Within, published by Ravanna Press. Ann attended two Colrain Intensives, one in 2010 and one in 2011. “Colrain was invaluable for me as I tried to move my poems from simply a collection of individual poems to a book manuscript.”

Ben Bloch’s manuscript, now titled Narrows, has been published by Sheep Meadow Press. Ben attended the Colrain Intensive in January, 2011.

Rebecca Lehmann’s manuscript, now titled Between the Crackups, won the Crashaw Prize and has been published by Salt Publishing in 2011. Rebecca attended the Colrain Conference in August, 2010.

Frederic Frankel’s manuscript, Wrestling Angels, was published by Ibbetson Street Press in 2011.

Renato Rosaldo’s manuscript, Diego Luna’s Insider Tips, was selected by Martin Espada and has been published by Many Mountains Moving Press.

Kathleen Naureckas’ manuscript, For the Duration, has been published by Finishing Line Press.

Matthew Miller has won the 2012 Vassar Miller Poetry Prize and his manuscript, Club Icarus, will be published by University of North Texas Press in 2013. “You gave me a lot of great advice at the conference last summer. More than that, you gave me the confidence and faith in the manuscript that I so badly needed at that point. I still have your marked up copy next to me on my desk as a reminder of your help and support.”

Debby Jo Blank’s manuscript, Explosion of Binary Stars, has been published and is now available from Shearsman Press. Debby Jo attended Colrain in April, 2011.

Cecele Kraus’s chapbook, Tuscaloosa Bypass, has been published and is now available from Finishing Line Press.

Michael Steffen’s second book, Heart Murmur, went through a Colrain Intensive and subsequently won the 2008 Bordighera Poetry Prize. It was published by Bordighera Press in 2008. Michael’s third manuscript, Bad Behavior, which also went through a Colrain Intensive in 2010, won the 2011 Brick Road Poetry Award and will be published by Brick Road Press in 2012.

Joseph Heithaus’ manuscript, Poison Sonnets, has been published by David Robert Brooks (Word Tech) Press and is now available. Joseph attended Colrain in April, 2011.

Diane Raptosh’s manuscript, American Amnesiac, will be published by Etruscan Press in 2013. Diane attended Colrain in November, 2010.

Denise Cecilia Banker’s manuscript, Swimming the Colorado, was published by Empty Bowl Press in December, 2011.

Ben Myer’s manuscript, now titled Lapse Americana, has been accepted for publication in February, 2013 by New York Quarterly Books. “I’d like to thank you again for all the help I got from you, Henry, Fred, and the other participants at the August manuscript conference. I’m very happy to report that the manuscript you helped me refine has been accepted for publication by New York Quarterly Books….The Colrain conference really helped me see things about the manuscript that I would have been blind to otherwise.”

Susan Jo Russell’s chapbook, We are Not Entirely Abandoned, has been published by Finishing Line Press and is available now.

Andrew Sofer’s manuscript, Wave, has been chosen by Main Street Rag as part of the MSR Editor’s Select Poetry Series and is scheduled for release in January, 2012. Andrew attended Colrain in 2007. Gibson Fay-Leblanc’s manuscript, Death of a Ventriloquist, won the 2011 Vassar Miller Poetry Prize and will be published by University of North Texas Press in 2012.

Catherine Staples’ manuscript, The Rattling Window, won the McGovern Prize and is forthcoming from the Ashland Poetry Press in spring of 2013. “I am immensely grateful to you both; Colrain made a profound difference. Dean Rader, Catherine Prescott, M.B. McCaltchy and I have stayed in close touch, trading ms. reminding one another of some of the vital things learned at Colrain. For those of us without MFAs, that sort of writing community is vital and long lasting.”

Karen Holmberg has won the John Ciardi Prize from BkMk Press and her manuscript, Axis Mundi, is scheduled to be published in the spring of 2013. “Thanks for all your feedback, support,time, and attention – the conference not only helped me make a better book, but gave a tremendous boost to my confidence in myself as a poet.”

Kimberley Pittman-Schulz’s manuscript, Mosslight, is the 2011 FutureCycle Press Poetry Book Prize winner from FutureCycle Press and is scheduled to be published in Fall, 2011. “Just wanted to write that you can add one more alumna to your collection of poets who have found a book publisher after attending one of your great manuscript workshops. It was a truly helpful weekend for me–I learned so much about publishers and gained new insight into my poetry that has helped me to strengthen my poems as well as my poetry manuscript….Getting a first book of poems published seems akin to playing the lottery–and it is a slow process where the reward is access to readers rather than dollars (though the prize money does give me a sense that my work is valued and will help offset all those reading fees over the years;–). Attending the Colrain workshop, working with you, Fred Marchant, Jeff Shotts, and Chase Twichell along with the support and shared experiences of other poets definitely helped me clear a path toward publication. Since I’m not a poetry academic for a living as so many poets tend to be, I’ve felt like an outsider, and your session helped me step inside. I’d been a finalist a few times over several years prior to the session, then my finalist frequency jumped to 6 times in about 18 months since the session, and now after so often being the bridesmaid, I get to be the bride. Hurray.”

Kelly Moffett’s manuscript,When the God of Water Enters Your Basement, Bow has been accepted for publication by Salmon Poetry and is scheduled to be published in the spring of 2013. “I revised the book (even called it When the God of Water Enters Your Basement, Bow, per your advice) and sent it out. Salmon Poetry picked it up right away! I’m thrilled, since I deeply admire the authors associated with that press. It will be released Spring 2013. Your insights (and Martha’s too) helped the book find its core form, its essential articulation. I can’t thank you enough!”

Jo Sarzotti’s manuscript, Mother Desert, is the winner of the 2011 Bakeless Prize and will be published by Graywolf Press in summer, 2012. Jo attended the conference in 2008. “The conference was invaluable in its showing me how to focus on the ms, something I didn’t fully do even right after attending. It took a while to “get it.” The conference procedures, the “homework” and various rationales for order and ranking, all helped me to see the process and the ms as “organic,” that is, capable of growth and change, from moments inside particular poems to the general “arc” of the whole.”

David James’ manuscript, Since Everything is All I’ve Got has been published by March Street Press. David attended the Colrain conference in October, 2010.

Diana Gordon’s chapbook, The Fourth World has been published by Adastra Press. Diana attended the Colrain conference in July, 2007.

Sarah Perrier is the winner of the Editor’s Choice, 2009 Akron Poetry Prize from the University of Akron Press, and her manuscript, Nothing Fatal, is now available here. “I’m so glad I got your note last week inviting people to consider the Colrain Conference coming up at the end of April. I won’t be attending this time around, but that’s primarily because I no longer have a manuscript to bring. The manuscript I brought last summer (then titled Voltage, but now retitled Nothing Fatal) is working its way through production at University of Akron Press right now, and due to be released in Fall 2010. I am grateful for the guidance and clarity the Colrain Conference provided me while I was working on Nothing Fatal.”

Joanne Diaz is the winner of the 2009 Gerald Cable First Book Award and her book, Violin, will be published by Silverfish Review Press in March 2011. Joanne attended the conference with the manuscript in June, 2008. ” I am pleased to report that my book has finally been accepted for publication (I say “finally” because it has been a finalist so many times!). I am certain that the suggestions that I received at Colrain helped push the book along toward publication.”

Geraldine Zetzel, who attended Colrain in spring of 2009, has had her manuscript, now titled Mapping the Sands,published by Mayapple Press and named a “must-read book” for 2011 by Massachusetts Center for the Book.

Charle Douthat’s manuscript, now titled Blue for Oceans, will be published in November, 2010 by NHR Press, a new press run by the editors of the New Haven Review. Charles attended the conference in 2008.

Sandra Cookson’s manuscript,Two Loons Taken for Vultures, will be published in July, 2011 by Finishing Line Press.

Amanda Reynold’s manuscript, renamed Heinz 56, at Colrain, will be published in Fall/Winter 2011/2012 by Main Street Rag.

Amanda Reynolds’ chapbook, Degrees of Separation, has been accepted for publication by Pudding House Press and will be published in 2010. Amanda came to Colrain in March, 2010.

Dean Rader has won the T. S. Eliot Poetry Prize for his manuscript titled Frog and Toad Confront the Alterity of Otherness (now titled Works and Days). It will be published in 2010 by Truman State University Press. Dean Attended Colrain with the manuscript in April, 2009.

Elizabeth Knapp’s manuscript The Spite House, has been selected by Richard Jackson for the 2010 De Novo Poetry Contest and will be published by C&R Press in the fall of 2011. Elizabeth attended Colrain in June, 2010.

J.Lorraine Brown‘s chapbook, Skating on Bones, has been released by Finishing Line Press. She attended Colrain in 2007.

Norman Stock’s Pickled Dreams Naked, has been published by NYQ Books, a new book series recently started by the New York Quarterly. “I attended the conference in August 2007 with the manuscript. The pre-conference exercises and the workshops were very helpful in getting me to focus on the details of the manuscript. This also helped me to find a title for the book from within the poems rather than using the title of a poem.”

Kyle McCord’s Gallery of the Beloved in Torment, is winner of the 2008 Orphic Prize, and is available from Dream Horse Press. Kyle attended with his manuscript in April, 2009 Elisavietta Ritchie‘s Cormorant Beyond the Compost was accepted for publication by WordTech Press (Cherry Grove imprint) and will be published in July 2011. Elisavietta attended Colrain in the summer of 2007.

Cathy Strisik’s manuscript, Thousand-Cricket Song, will be published in January, 2010 by Plain View Press. Cathy attended Colrain with the manuscript in November, 2008.

Joni Wallace’s manuscript, Blinking Ephemeral Valentine, was chosen by Mary Jo Bang for the Levis Prize and will be published by Four Way Books in Spring 2011. Joni attended Colrain with the manuscript in October, 2008. Grace Ocasio’s manuscript, Hollerin from This Shack, has been published by Ahadada Books. Grace attended Colrain with the manuscript in April, 2007.

Lucille Lang Day’s manuscript, Curvature of Blue was published by Cervena Barva Press in March, 2009. Lucille attended Colrain with the manuscript in Summer, 2006.

Rob Abbate‘s manuscript, Courage of Straw, was accepted for publication by Main Street Rag Press and is expected to be published in March 2010. Rob attended the conference in June 2007.

Lesley Wheeler’s collection, Heathen, will be published in August 2009 by C&R Press, where it was a finalist for the DeNovo Prize. The manuscript also won the Elixir Poetry Prize (withdrawn). She attended the conference in August, 2007. “My meetings with Ellen Dore Watson and Chase Twichell were definitely worthwhile–they encouraged me to put my best work forward, cut weaker pieces, sharpen the book’s concept, hone my self-presentation, and generally keep up hope about the project. Other students in the workshop even gave me helpful feedback after the conference ended. I felt privileged to meet and talk with so many smart poets.”

Joanna Solfrian‘s manuscript, Visible Heavens, won the Wick Prize from Kent State Press and is due out in 2010. She attended the conference in 2007. “No doubt the Colrain weekend — and the exercises from you, Steven, et al, — forced the manuscript to endure the final rigors necessary to get it to press. ”

Veronica Patterson’s manuscript, Thresh & Hold, has been selected by poet Lola Haskins as the winner of the second annual Kenneth and Geraldine Gell Poetry Prize. The prize, for 2009, includes publication of the work in trade paperback by Big Pencil Press, an honorarium of $1000 payable upon publication, and a two-week fellowship at the Gell Center of the Finger Lakes, a retreat center in the Bristol Hills, Naples, New York.

Amy Riddell‘s chapbook, Narcissistic Injury, has been published by Pudding House Press. Amy attended the March, 2008 conference. “Thank you, Joan for the support and the help at Colrain. I learned so much in your workshop.”

Jamie Ross, whose book Vinland won the 2008 Four Way Book Intro prize, attended Colrain with the manuscript in November, 2006. “To say you (Joan) and Fred and the Colrain conference were formative in this whole deal would be an understatement! I met Martha there, too—though you never could have told me at the time that I’d even be sending the collection to Four Way.” (Note: Jamie’s editor there was Jeffrey Levine from Tupelo Press.)

Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno, a June 07 attendee, has won the Beatrice Hawley Prize from Alice James Books and her book Slamming Open the Door will be published in April, 2009. “There is no question in my mind that had I not attended the Colrain Manuscript Conference and received the kind of encouragement and judicious advice that I did there, I would not have won the Beatrice Hawley Award — would not have revised my manuscript the way I did, or even had the confidence to send it out.”

Lorraine Healy, a March 2008 attendee, has won the the Patricia Bibby First Book Award and her book, The Habit of Buenos Aires, is forthcoming from Tebot Bach press in 2010. “Dear Joan and Fred, my manuscript has won the Patricia Bibby First Book Award and is forthcoming from Tebot Bach press. Thanks to both of you and to Martha and Jeff–it would not have happened without Colrain.”

Brian Culhane, another June 07 attendee, has had his manuscript A King’s Question selected for the Emily Dickinson Prize from the Poetry Foundation. It will be published by Graywolf Press.

Kathy Nilsson’s chapbook-length manuscript The Arbattoir is scheduled for April 08 publication from Finishing Line Press. Kathy attended the first Colrain conference in March, 06.

Norbert Hirschhorn’s Mourning in the Presence of a Corpse was published in 2008 by Dar al-Jadeed Press. More information here.

Kim Triedman’s chapbook-length manuscript Bathe in it or Sleep has won the main street rag annual chapbook contest and will be published in October, 2008.

Gunilla Kester’s chapbook-length manuscript Time of Sand and Teeth will be published by Finishing Line Press in February, 2009. Gunilla attended the October, 2008 conference. “Colrain blew me away! …Helpful is not the word. Revolutionary, perhaps? I loved the attention to detail, the devotion to craft, the lack of snobbery, and the practical approach.”

Stephen Rhodes, an August ’06 attendee, has his first collection, The Time I Didn’t Know What to Do Next , published by Wind Press. Information on the book can be found here.

Holly Guran has won honorable mention in the Poets Corner Press competition, 2007, with her chapbook manuscript Rivertracks. It is now available from Poets Corner Press. Holly attended the Colrain conference in May, 07.

Brian Johnson’s manuscript, Torch Lake and Other Poems, has been accepted for publication by Del Sol Press. Brian attended the February, 2008 conference.

Norita Dittberner-Jax, a May, 07 conference attendee, has had her manuscript, The Watch, published in June by Whistling Shade Press.

Kristin Bock, a first conference attendee (March, 2006), will have her manuscript from the conference, Cloisters, published by Tupelo Press in 2008. “I’m so grateful to the Colrain conference! What struck me most about the Colrain experience was the kindness and generosity of the attendees, the workshop leaders, and the editors. Everyone worked hard, taking the time to provide thoughtful and detailed feedback on each other’s work. The editors gave individual attention to each and every poet, answering all of our burning questions about our manuscripts and the often cryptic world of publishing. A heartfelt thanks to all!!”

Elisavietta Ritchie’s chapbook Real Toads, (composed from a portion of her Colrain manuscript Comorat Beyond the Compost Bin}, is available from Black Buzzard Press as part of their chapbook series. Elisavietta attended the Colrain conference in August, 07.

Regina Nervo’s book-length manuscript, Oceanus,has been published by West Coast Bias Press. Regina attended the Colrain conference in August, 06.

Steve Fellner, a first conference attendee (March, 2006), won the third Marsh Hawk Press Prize with his manuscript from the conference, Blind Date With Cavafy. The prize for a first book of poetry includes a $1,000.00 award and publication. “The Colrain Manuscript Conference managed to pack into a weekend what a lot of grad school teachers never had time to do in their classes or individually: offer finishing touches to a manuscript eager to be picked up by a publisher.” Lauren Rusk, also a first conference attendee, signed a book contract with Plain View Press for publication of her manuscript from the conference, Pictures in the Firestorm. “The most useful parts of the conference for me were doing the thought-provoking and instructive pre-conference assignments, hearing the editors speak on the panel about their motivations and daily realities, and receiving your insightful feedback on the parts of my manuscript we discussed in the workshop. Our time together remains vividly in my mind.”

LouAnn Muhm, another first conference attendee, had her chapbook manuscript, Dear Immovable, accepted for publication by Pudding House Press. “I just had a chapbook accepted for publication. I’m excited! The feedback I received at Colrain certainly helped me refine both the poems and the manuscript, so thanks to all of you!” LouAnn has had her full-length manuscript accepted as well: “In yet another testament to the power of the Colrain Manuscript Workshop, my full-length manuscript has been accepted by Loonfeather Press. I’m excited–Loonfeather is regional, but well-thought-of, and has had a few Minnesota Book Awards. I’m happy. Thank you all so much for your insightful comments and gentle direction–they were invaluable to me. I hope that when I have amassed another manuscript, I will still be able to come and work on it with you and with the excellent poets and publishers that you attract.”

Diana Adams, another first conference attendee, had her manuscript, Cave Vitae, accepted for publication by Plain View Press. “At the conference I learned to think of a book of poems as a larger poem, and using Fred Marchant’s and Jeffrey Levine’s experienced advice was able to completely reconstruct my book, giving it a new life, synchonized and more coherent.”

Allegra Wong, second conference attendee (August, 2006), has had her manuscript, A Pure Bead, solicited for publication by conference editor, Joan Houlihan (Del Sol Press). A Pure Bead will be published in early 2007. More information here. “My consultation with Dennis Maloney, White Pine Press, was helpful in several specific ways. Poets Joan Houlihan, Teresa Cader, and Fred Marchant are dedicated and dynamic workshop leaders. The workshops showed us what an editor is seeking. I know so much more about the publishing world.”

Anne Shaw, first conference attendee (March, 2006), has had her manuscript, Undertow selected as winner of the 2007 Lexi Rudnitsky Poetry Prize, to be published by Persea Books in December 2007. “I wanted to share my big news with both of you: I won the Persea Books contest! My ms Undertow is finally going to be published…I can’t believe it. I am still in shock. I also want to thank both of you for the Colrain conference. I think it helped a lot in terms of making contacts, and getting me to think about the order of the book. When I went home I re-ordered and re-titled the ms, and I think that helped. The meeting with Martha Rhodes was very, very helpful too. At any rate, thank you both.”

Suellen Wedmore, third conference attendee (November, 2006), has won the Grayson Press Chapbook prize. “I just wanted to thank you again for the support and advice you offered at the Colrain Poetry Manuscript workshop. One thing I learned/deduced while I was there was that my manuscript was perhaps really two chapbooks–so I began sending out chapbooks instead of a full manuscript. And just last night I learned that I won the Grayson Press Chapbook prize with a book built around my war poems. Chalk one up for Colrain! And thanks again!”

Charles Boyer, another first conference attendee, had his manuscript The Mockingbird Puzzle accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press. “I’ve had some good news. I had a chapbook accepted at Finishing Line Press, a Kentucky literary press. It should be coming out sometime in June. Thanks to all of you for your advice and encouragement with the poems!”

Jonathan Weinert’s manuscript In the Mode of Disappearance won the 2006 Nightboat Books Poetry Prize. Jonathan attended the November 06 conference.

Nancy Tupper Ling’s manuscript Character won Honorable Mention in the Poets Corner Press Chapbook Contest 2007, and is forthcoming from FineLine Poets Press. Nancy attended the August 06 conference.

Lucille Lang Day’s manuscript The Book of Answers is available from Finishing Line Press. Lucy attended the August 06 conference. Lucy’s most recent post-Colrain chapbook is God of the Jellyfish, from Cervena Barva Press.

Barbara McGrath, an August, 06 attendee, has had her chapbook entitled Seawind published by Finishing Line Press.